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About Us

Raeford Hardware has been around for over 115 years, making it possibly the oldest continuously operating business in Hoke County – and having been founded in 1903, it’s even older than the county, which wasn’t established until 1911. Not only that, it’s been passed down across three generations from grandfather and father to son in the Calloway family. Brad Calloway’s father, Larry Calloway, and grandfather bought the hardware store in 1973. Calloway bought it from his father, in 2012, and has operated it ever since.

Our store offers a large variety of just about everything hardware stores typically have from plumbing supplies, firearms, tools, lawn care products, yeti coolers, to outdoor supplies. We have a full line of Valspar paint, and can also do glass cutting and window repair. Our store also employs a mechanic who services any of the mowers they sell.

Our store has gone through some changes over the last century. Raeford Hardware started out in 1903 in a much smaller space; in fact, it’s the open space that its likewise long-lived neighbor, Home Food, now uses for its outdoor garden supplies. The building that was there more than 100 years ago burned down around 1950, and the existing buildings were constructed to either side after that. Raeford Hardware moved into its current location about that time and has been there ever since. The store has undergone several major renovations and updates as the owners purchased more of the building space around it, using the new room to expand its offerings for sale. When the Calloway’s first purchased the store the it was only about 1500 sq. feet. Now our store has grown to about 10,000 square feet.

We do sell a lot of larger items such as lawnmowers and handguns, but we really specialize in smaller items that are hard to find at chain stores or other types of hardware stores.

Customer service is a top priority and is what helps set Raeford Hardware apart from other hardware stores. If you like to feel at home and comfortable when you are shopping, Raeford Hardware is the place to be. Once someone finds out about us and finds our great service, they usually always come back. Thanks for visiting us at raefordhardware.com. We hope you find everything you need and make sure, if you are ever in town, to stop by and see us.

Thanks for choosing to shop local.

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